Britt Layton - Product Designer and Leader

I’m Brittany, a product designer and leader who believes in an empathetic, research-driven, and deeply collaborative approach to product building.

I have designed on teams in-house, at agencies, and as a freelancer. This has allowed me to develop a perspective and approach to product-building that’s comprehensive, open-minded, adaptable, and biased toward action. My sweet spot is working with early-stage teams and on 0→1 product evolutions, driving clarity in ambiguous problem spaces with a focus on bringing joy and fun into the process and solution.

Most recently I was at Loom, a category-defining video messaging company that created a new way to collaborate asynchronously while keeping the expressiveness of live communication. I started as the founding designer in 2017, creating the interface for quick video recordings that has since become the industry standard. As the company grew, I grew along with it as the head of design for Loom’s Core Product pillar where I built and led a team of designers who were responsible for the recording, editing, viewing, and engaging experiences across the desktop, web, and mobile apps.

At home, I’m a fantasy reader, cozy gamer, movie watcher, and dog parent. I believe it’s important to imagine, play, and not take one’s self too seriously.

I’m currently taking some time away from full-time roles, and am open to contract and advising opportunities starting in 2024.